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Propagation LEDS
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Budmaster Cropmaster CROP-OD-11 Budmaster Cropmaster CROP-OD-11

BUDMASTERS new range of strip lights are an ideal low wattage high output alternative for T5 or CFL.They use the Osram SSL 80 family of LED's (light emitting diode) at very low power (11watts) to produce an effective lasting light solution for the vegetative growth stages of your plants life that will completely exceed your T5 or CFL.

Our Price: £100.00 Inc VAT
Budmaster Cropmaster CROP-QD-4 Budmaster Cropmaster CROP-QD-4

Budmaster are excited to announce the 'Worlds First' CFQD (Cadmium Free Quantum Dot ‘Nano Crystals’) LED Grow Light in partnership with 'Nanoco Technologies' the world leaders in Quantum Dot technology.

The Cropmaster QD-P is made to sit on top your propagator and allow you to propagate your seeds or cuttings anywhere you like for a very minimal 4w of energy.

Our Price: £150.00 Inc VAT