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Pipettes, Measuring Jugs, Cleaning and general hydroponic accessories

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1 metre of H.I.D ICELINE-4mm internal diameter 4mm Flexible Tube Plastic Syringe
4mm Flexible Tube
from £0.50 Inc VAT
Plastic Syringe
from: £0.90 Inc VAT
1 metre H.I.D Iceline 4mm internal diameter 4mm Flexible Tube - 10m Lab grade plastic syringes
Porous Pipe Silicone Airline (Blue) 1 metre of H.I.D ICELINE-12.5mm internal diameter
Porous Air Tube
from £0.90 Inc VAT
Silicone Airline (Blue)
from £0.90 Inc VAT
Providing trickle irrigation - from bedding, to fruit and vegetables, to hanging baskets and troughs, plus much more. Silicon airline tubing is required when using ozone generators in your hydroponic irrigation system or fish tank. 1 metre H.I.D Iceline 12.5mm internal diameter
1 metre of H.I.D ICELINE-19mm internal diameter 1 metre of H.I.D ICELINE-25mm internal diameter Padded Fast Clamp
Padded Fast Clamp
from £5.00 Inc VAT
1 metre H.I.D Iceline 19mm internal diameter 1 metre H.I.D Iceline 25mm internal diameter
SEGMENTAL 24HR TIMER Trellis Netting Y-Piece
Our Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
Trellis Netting
from: £7.20 Inc VAT
from £8.00 Inc VAT
A budget 15 minute segmental timer, not to be used for controlling anything more that uses more than 150 watts. Heavy duty, long lasting polyester trellis netting. 127mm (5") reach-through mesh allows the Trellis Netting to handle more weight, remain taught, and provide stronger support. This product is also non-tangle.
Bug Shield LUMiiâ„¢ GROWROOM LENSES Atami ATA Clean
Bug Shield
from: £9.00 Inc VAT
LUMii™ Growroom Lenses
Our Price: £9.00 Inc VAT
Atami ATA Clean
from: £9.00 Inc VAT
Insect Screen for your Intake fans

Plastic mesh bug screen slips on and off fans and ducting, available in 5 sizes.

Anti Glare sunglasses for the growroom!  Helps you see your plants & potential problems in a more natural light. Ata Clean is a cleansing agent for all irigation systems.  Prevents and removes mineral deposits of Iron Phosphate, Calcium and algae.  Very effective when water from the tap water supply is being used.
Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x) TWIN THERMO HYGROMETER Twin Input Thermo Hygrometer
Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x)
Our Price: £13.50 Inc VAT
Our Price: £13.50 Inc VAT
Twin Input Thermo Hygrometer
Our Price: £15.34 Inc VAT
Compact design allows you to place the base of the microscope on to the specimen and adjust the focus by gently turning the focusing dial for a perfect close-up view of your plants. A hygrometer is an invaluable peace of kit in the grow room. Twin Input Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Combined thermometer and hygrometer with min / max memory.

Simultaneously displays temperature and humidity.

Twin input allows you to monitor conditions in the grow room and nutrient tank.
Canna D-Block Pipe/Drain Cleaner HM Digital COM 80 Meter Fireblitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher 1Kg Dry Powder
CANNA D-Block Pipe/Drain Cleaner
Our Price: £25.20 Inc VAT
HM Digital COM 80 Meter
Our Price: £46.80 Inc VAT
CANNA D-Block is an anionic detergent that is used in the water with whatever nutrients you are using and stops annoying build up of salts and sugars in pipes and irrigation fittings, making sure that your plants have what they need when they need it. A reliable, long lasting EC meter purposely designed for the UK hydroponics market. Reads in mS, ppt, as well as uS and ppm.
Fireblitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder HM Digital PH-80 Meter 8 WAY WIDOW CONTACTOR
HM Digital PH-80 Meter
Our Price: £51.30 Inc VAT
Our Price: £85.00 Inc VAT
Automatic Calibration: Auto-ranging to 4, 7 or 10 pH. Reads from 0.00 to 14.0 pH. Accurate to +/ 0.1pH. 8 way widow contactor[built in timer]
Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Our Price: £130.00 Inc VAT