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LUMii SUNBLASTER Dual Spectrum HPS lamps

The LUMii SUNBLASTER HPS offers exceptionally high output combined with raised spectral discharge in the reds and blues (just where you need it!) and a long lamp life.  Put that together and you have the perfect plant grow light. Available in 400 watt and 600 watt.  Both have 32,000 life hours.

We always recommend using LUMii lamps with the LUMii ballast range.  We can guarantee quality where other manufacturers can’t and design our products to be compatible to ensure the results growers demand.  Do take care to use the best lamps you can with your LUMii ballasts to get the best from them and make sure the lamp matches the ballast or the setting on your LUMii DIGITAL or LUMii Dual Core Magnetic, a 600 watt lamp for a 600 watt ballast or setting.

We also recommend changing your lamps every nine months to get best performance, after which time HID lamps start to deteriorate rapidly.

NB.  There are now very low quality lamps arriving on the market from Asia.  These are not designed for horticultural use or for being run on horticultural ballasts.  They are basically road lamps and should not be considered for use as they can only offer very poor performance.


The new energy saving LUMii CFL Grow Lamp is the low energy option for you.  Available in both Warm and Cool White, these lamps can be easily interchanged.  The LUMii CFL Grow Lamp is a high output 125 watt 5U CFL

Warm Lamp: 2700k
Cool Lamp:  6400k