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Flood & Drain or Ebb & Flow is a long established way to grow your plants hydroponically

Nutrient solution floods your grow bed to a preset level and then either drains away or goes back to a nutrient reservoir, sucking in air to the roots as it goes.

Nutrient can be pumped in at timed intervals, or can be pumped continuously in conjunction with a bell syphon.
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BrainBucket - Flood and Drain Minute Timer- Flood & Drain
BrainBucket - Flood and Drain
Our Price: £178.20 Inc VAT
Minute Timer- Flood & Drain
Our Price: £145.80 Inc VAT
The IWS Brain allows you to Flood and Drain the pot with nutrient solution from the bottom. The timer is now safer and easier to use allowing the user to fine tune the flood times, breaking down the standard quater hour segments into minutes allowing more control & more pots on to one system.  It has an easy cancel feature, LED lights to show the grower what the system is doing, and is also modular allowing easy fitting and maintenance.