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Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent Lights have come a long way in recent times offering the grower practical space saving power saving bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL).  These value for money bulbs offer the indoor grower great versatility.  These low temperature bulbs come in Cool or Warm lights to represent the spring growth & summer bloom you find in nature. Depending on what you are growing you may have to add a more substantial light towards the end of your growing cycle.
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LUMiiâ„¢ CFL - HID - Converter 250w EnviroGro CFL Cool White Lamp - 6400k PowerPlant Energy Saving Propagation Lighting Reflector
LUMii™ CFL - HID - Converter
Our Price: £3.16 Inc VAT
If you want to use a CFL lamp with a LUMii™ reflector you can! Low energy propagation grow lamp super sturdy design.