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Budmaster II XG Series where the Legend Began

The Budmaster II XG series is where it all began. Designed completely by Budmaster and tested in the UK thoroughly before entering production they have become a household name in the hydroponics industry around the globe.

  1. Top bin epiled and Bridgelux diodes for 40% + more par than 600w HPS.
  2. 50,000 hrs lifespan.

The Budmaster XG range is beating 600w and 1000w hps hands down every day in many different countries and is a more than adequate replacement for HPS. However with the standard quality diodes that Budmaster use the product is in no way comparable to the new Osram ranges.

So although an excellent quality unit producing excellent results, the XG range is now delegated to the bottom of the Budmaster led grow light range. Yes Osram diodes really are that good.

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Budmaster II Power Supply for Budmaster LED Grow Lights

If you are building your own custom Budmaster II LED Grow Light then you will need a power supply for each cluster you are planning on powering.