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Budmaster II O.D Series, German Engineering for your Grow Room

The Budmaster II OD series is the mid range of led grow lights designed to easily replace a 600w HPS but with much higher quality standards than the XG range. The main differences between the OD and the XG are below.

  1. Superior mid range Osram diodes for equal PAR to the XG range..
  2. 100,000 hrs lifespan instead of the typical 30,000 - 50,000.
  3. More exact horticultural wavelengths and bandwidths.
  4. Minimum output drop over time.

So to sum it up you are getting a light that performs as well as the legendary XG range and will last for 3 - 5 years with minimum output drop over time. As the price difference between this and the XG range is only 25%, this is the logical choice for people after a lower priced unit.

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Budmaster II Power Supply for Budmaster LED Grow Lights

If you are building your own custom Budmaster II LED Grow Light then you will need a power supply for each cluster you are planning on powering.