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Bioponic FFF by HYDRoToPS

Bioponic FFF by HYDRoToPS

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Triple F Size:

Triple F - Fully Formed Flowers. HYDRoToPS developed the now legendary Triple F in 2003, rapidly proving itself to be the best floral stimulation and boost product available for all growing media. Triple F is a 100% natural microbial based fruit and flower booster delivering up to a 50% yield increase, without the use of Plant Growth Regulator (PRG) chemicals, some of which may cause harm to those using them. Triple F has no health risks, no environmental dangers, just great results every time. Triple F comes as a two-component pack. The first component of Triple F is a blend of beneficial micro organisms that work in harmony with your chosen growth medium and your plant's roots to enhance nutrient uptake. The second component is an organic microbial catalyst liquid that acts as a food source for the microbes and complexing agent, which is required during the developing symbiotic relationship between the micro organisms and your plant's roots.Available in 125 ml (treats 250 litres), 250 ml (treats 500 litres), and 500 ml (treats 1000 litres).

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