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Bcuzz Coco Nutrition A+B

Bcuzz Coco Nutrition A+B

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Bcuzz Coco Nutrition A+B*:

B'cuzz Coco Nutrition A+B
Coconut substrates are very liked as a growing medium. That is not surprising, coconut has the buffering properties of soil and the accuracy of rock wool. This mix makes for great growing and blooming plants.  Coco nutrition A & B helps the produce to make better use of the coconut and also ensures a biological balance in the coconut substrate.

This nutrition can only be used when Coco nutrition A & B are mixed together in water simultaneously. Use water at room temperature (21 ° C) for the best results. 

Growing tip:
The use of bio-stimulators is also recommended. 

1 to 3 ml A and 1 to 3 ml B per ltr of water.

PH between 5.5 – 5.8

EC between 1.0 – 2.5

PK Coco nutrition 6-0-6 (w / v).

NPK Coco nutrition B 1-5-6 (w / v).

Quality guaranteed:

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