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Padded Fast Clamp SEGMENTAL 24HR TIMER Trellis Netting
Padded Fast Clamp
from £5.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
Trellis Netting
from: £7.20 Inc VAT
A budget 15 minute segmental timer, not to be used for controlling anything more that uses more than 150 watts. Heavy duty, long lasting polyester trellis netting. 127mm (5") reach-through mesh allows the Trellis Netting to handle more weight, remain taught, and provide stronger support. This product is also non-tangle.
Y-Piece Bug Shield LUMiiâ„¢ GROWROOM LENSES
from £8.00 Inc VAT
Bug Shield
from: £9.00 Inc VAT
LUMii™ Growroom Lenses
Our Price: £9.00 Inc VAT
Insect Screen for your Intake fans

Plastic mesh bug screen slips on and off fans and ducting, available in 5 sizes.

Anti Glare sunglasses for the growroom!  Helps you see your plants & potential problems in a more natural light.
Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x) Fireblitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher 1Kg Dry Powder Fireblitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder
Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x)
Our Price: £13.50 Inc VAT
Compact design allows you to place the base of the microscope on to the specimen and adjust the focus by gently turning the focusing dial for a perfect close-up view of your plants.
8 WAY WIDOW CONTACTOR Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Our Price: £85.00 Inc VAT
Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Our Price: £130.00 Inc VAT
8 way widow contactor[built in timer]