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Dutchpro pH-Grow Dutchpro pH-Bloom Dutchpro pH+
from £5.10 Inc VAT
from £5.10 Inc VAT
from £5.10 Inc VAT
For reducing the pH Value For reducing the pH Value For raising the pH Value
Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver Photosynthesis Plus Kalong Grow
Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver
Our Price: £12.00 Inc VAT
Photosynthesis Plus
from £13.50 Inc VAT
Kalong Grow
Our Price: £14.00 Inc VAT
All Natural. The culture consortium produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. that is used on tens of thousands of acres of crops worldwide is the foundation for Photosynthesis Plus, a complete ecosystem in the bottle
Kalong Bloom Mighty Wash PM Wash
Kalong Bloom
Our Price: £14.00 Inc VAT
Mighty Wash
from £16.20 Inc VAT
PM Wash
from £16.20 Inc VAT
Years of research have lead to the creation of this truly revolutionary Insect Destroying Plant Wash. PM Wash works well for cleaning plants that are subject to humid environments.
Power Wash Plant Magic Platinum Dutchpro Keep it Clean
Power Wash
from £16.20 Inc VAT
Plant Magic Platinum
Our Price: £18.00 Inc VAT
Keep it Clean
from £24.00 Inc VAT
Power Wash is a Plant Wash for removing unwanted residue left behind from foliar applied products. Specialist drip cleaner