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Hailea 100w Glass Heater Hailea 300w Glass Heater Hydor Theo Shatterproof 100w Glass Heater
Hailea 100w Glass Heater
Our Price: £13.50 Inc VAT
Hailea 300w Glass Heater
Our Price: £18.00 Inc VAT
Varible Heater Water Heater ( 70-150L ) Aquarium Tanks Temp 16-32c. Submerge in your nutrient tank to maintain a constant temperature and aid growing. Thermostatically controlled for accuracy and peace of mind.

Suitable for tanks from 260-450 Ltrs.
These are great especially in restricted or small tanks where they are liable to get in the way & normal glass heaters may smash.

Suitable for 50-100Ltr tanks