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Plastic Syringe TWIN THERMO HYGROMETER Twin Input Thermo Hygrometer
Plastic Syringe
from: £0.90 Inc VAT
Our Price: £13.50 Inc VAT
Twin Input Thermo Hygrometer
Our Price: £15.34 Inc VAT
Lab grade plastic syringes A hygrometer is an invaluable peace of kit in the grow room. Twin Input Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Combined thermometer and hygrometer with min / max memory.

Simultaneously displays temperature and humidity.

Twin input allows you to monitor conditions in the grow room and nutrient tank.
HM Digital COM 80 Meter HM Digital PH-80 Meter
HM Digital COM 80 Meter
Our Price: £46.80 Inc VAT
HM Digital PH-80 Meter
Our Price: £51.30 Inc VAT
A reliable, long lasting EC meter purposely designed for the UK hydroponics market. Reads in mS, ppt, as well as uS and ppm. Automatic Calibration: Auto-ranging to 4, 7 or 10 pH. Reads from 0.00 to 14.0 pH. Accurate to +/ 0.1pH.