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Indoor gardening is becoming more popular than ever. As more people are growing plants indoors, they are discovering that if they want to branch out from the standard house plants they need to take control of their growing environment. A grow box is an enclosure for indoor gardens and hydroponics projects. Traditionally, these are large items that are often installed into a room. Sometimes gardeners even convert an entire closet into a grow box! The Homebox family of grow boxes takes all of the inconvenience out of indoor gardening enclosures. Our Homebox grow tents are designed specifically to be easily constructed without tools by a single adult, but do not make the mistake of thinking that these are flimsy. Homeboxes are specially designed and manufactured of the finest materials, not just PVC or aluminum poles. These are great indoor greenhouse alternatives: a lot of people already use them to grow their strawberries indoor. They are lightproof, waterproof and built to accommodate the equipment you need for serious gardening. There is no finer grow cabinet on the market. Thanks to the range of sizes, there is a Homebox for your needs no matter how much space you have available and the type of grow lights you use. The Homebox S and XS can fit into most closets, or even larger wardrobes, for completely hidden gardening. On the other end of the scale, the XXL is large enough to actually walk in to and tend your plants. If your plan is to grow hydro, the completely sealable and waterproof Homebox is ideal for your projects. Learn more about the Homebox family of products, which include also Modular growing system, and the joys of indoor gardening by entering our website and exploring our article of online articles.