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HESI Hydro Bloom HESI Root Complex HESI Starter Kit for HYDRO
HESI Hydro Bloom
from: £11.70 Inc VAT
HESI Root Complex
from £27.00 Inc VAT
HESI Starter Kit for HYDRO
Our Price: £45.00 Inc VAT
Hydro Bloom Complex is laced with active elements that razes the plant's energy and maintains healthy flora in the grow bed. Root Complex plant starter for great healthy roots, amazing resistance and spot on in any plant medium. The Hesi Starter Kits are great value for the money. The box contains all the required nutrition for your plants to thrive!
HESI Powerzyme 5 L
HESI Powerzyme 5 L
Our Price: £54.00 Inc VAT
Powerzyme is first class growth execrator.  It ensures optimum root health at all times by breaking down dead root matter that can build up leading to a reduction in the uptake of nutrients.