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400w PowerPlant Metal Halide Retro Fit Lamp Atami Bio-BloomBastic Bcuzz Booster Coco Universal
Atami Bio-BloomBastic
from £11.70 Inc VAT
Bcuzz Booster Coco Universal
from: £22.49 Inc VAT
AutoPot easy2grow 2 Pot Kit Module Bcuzz Bloom Stimulator 1L Nitrozyme
AutoPot easy2grow 2 Pot Kit Module
Our Price: £19.80 Inc VAT
Bcuzz Bloom Stimulator
from: £22.50 Inc VAT
from £8.00 Inc VAT
CANNAzym Flexi Tank Trojan TS12
from £7.20 Inc VAT
Flexi Tank
from £49.50 Inc VAT
Trojan TS12
Our Price: £90.00 Inc VAT
Root!T Propagation Kit Bluelab pH pen Hortilux HSE 600W with Delta Reflector & Philips Lamp
ROOT!T Propagation Kit
Our Price: £14.99 Inc VAT
Bluelab pH pen
Our Price: £69.00 Inc VAT
Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic Grow Plant!T Aeros IV System Rhino Acoustic Ducting x 5m
PLANT!T aeros IV System
Our Price: £109.99 Inc VAT
Rhino Acoustic Ducting x 5m
from £13.50 Inc VAT
AutoPot easy2grow 4 Pot System with 47L Tank Flexi Tray 1.2m2 Root!T Windowsill Propagation Kit
Flexi Tray 1.2m2
Our Price: £31.50 Inc VAT
ROOT!T Windowsill Propagation Kit
Our Price: £10.00 Inc VAT
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