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NUTRIFIELD COCO CHIPS 50lts NUTRIFIELD COCO/PERLITE 70/30 mix 50lts Bcuzz BIO-Defence 2x250ml
Our Price: £12.60 Inc VAT
Bcuzz BIO-Defence 2x250ml
Our Price: £58.45 Inc VAT
Nutrifield 50/50 coco chips, unique mixture of coconut fibre and pith. Nutrifield's premium coco/perlite 70/30 mix With this biological remedy gnawing larvae, insects and fungi do not stand a chance. The leaves soak up bio defence 1 & 2 when the plants are sprayed with it. This repeals many fungi, larvae and gnawing insects.
Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets Box (1155PC)
Jiffy Coir Pellets Box (1155Pc)
Our Price: £76.50 Inc VAT
Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets

Propagation pellets made from compressed coconut husks.